Friday 13 December 2013

Social st. project

Dear Parents,

Students will be given a short 'map assignment' where they will have to use symbols they learned in class to make a map. The assignment will be handed out on Monday and we will have Tuesday and Wednesday to work on it in class. The map will be due on Thursday.

Students will have the following to help them create a map:

1. Information sheet
2. a compass
3.  Map organizer
4. Map grid
5. Map Making checklist
6. Map Making Rubric

The grading will be on (Rubric):

1. organization and neatness
2. Map legend
3. Scale
4. Spelling


Thursday 12 December 2013

Class Supplies

Dear Parents,
We would like some story books for our class library. If you have any gently used books at home that you would like to donate, we would greatly appreciate it.

Also, we would like some Kleenex boxes and wipes to keep the class neat and germ free. We like cleaning as a class. It would help a lot. :)

We would love it if we can also have a universal remote control and a tv mount.

Please make sure your child comes to class prepared with his school supplies such as pencil, eraser glue etc.

Thank you,

Tr. Merve

Language Update

Dear Parents,

In language, we are continuing to learn about biographies. We are learning to write sequence of events from the stories we are reading about. Students are getting familiar with sequence words such as first. second, next etc.


The next two weeks, we will learn about creating a sentence using a subject and action word.

Thank you,

Tr. Merve

Social St. update

Dear Parents,

We will be covering how to use:
1. direction on a Map
2. using Canada map to learn about the compass
3. Learning about different provinces and territories.

This unit will come to an end by next week. By January we will begin the new unit " communalities".

Thank you,

Tr. Merve

Math update

Dear Parents

In math we are learning about addition and subtraction. Part of the lesson involved students count with coins. We will take the next few weeks to learn the different types of coins and how to add it up. Majority of the worksheet will be completed in class. The reason why the work will be in class  so they have more one on one time with the teacher. This will help solve many of their questions. Same will be applied to the other subjects. Please help your child review the topics learned in class by reviewing their worksheets/workbooks.

Thank you,

Merve :)

Spelling Test- Monday December 16, 2013

Dear Parents,

We will have our regular weekly spelling test on Monday December 16, 2013. We had the practice run today in the morning. Here is the list of the words. :)


There will be a bonus
Monday December 16, 2013