Sunday 24 April 2016

Some Class Updates and Reminders

Assalamu Alaikum,

We had a fabulous two weeks alhamdulilah!

Here are some updates:

Reading: Students maintained stamina while reading to self. We worked on visualizing and making connections while reading.

Dr. Aisha read two chapters of  Danny, The Champion of the World, and students are looking forward to some exploring fun in the woods once we are done reading the chapter book :)

Sr. Madlien joined us and read "FINDING WINNIE". Students chose three questions to answer from the comprehension worksheet.

Spelling Bee Practice: Tr. Hajer joined us and students practiced the spelling bee process after we went over the rules. In our spelling bee practice Rida won first place, Ameer second and Fae third.

Kindly note that all students are expected to learn the spelling of the spelling bee list. Please make sure that your child is studying the list words for our next spelling bee practice which will be on Friday isA.

Writing/ Media Literacy: We went over the writing process where we learned to write the prewriting part (mind map, graphic organizer or timeline), write the draft, review and edit our work when writing.

Students went through the writing process when preparing their ads for the pizza project.

We wrote persuasive pieces by writing advertisements, and informative pieces "How To Writing".

Math: We completed our unit on fractions where students learned that fractions are a part of a whole or part of a set. We also learned that fractions are everywhere around us and how we use fractions all the time in real life! Students compared fractions, and we solved a lot of word problems on fractions. We had lots of fraction fun! Students worked in groups to write fractions of different traditional foods, we used play dough to learn fractions of a set, we learned pancake and Timbit fractions, we made pizza fractions and more!

Computer Lab: Students wrote on Wordpad, changed color, size and font. They learned to use keywords when searching online. They made the final copy of their advertisements, searched for pictures and learned to add them to their ads.

PIZZA PROJECTS: Students worked hard to complete their pizza projects. We talked about different pizza stores and their names. We learned what franchises are, and we started our own pizza projects.

Each student was expected to come up with a store name, logo, make an advertisement persuading people to buy their pizzas, make pizza fractions and make a menu with the prices. (The project included media literacy, writing, math, art, computer skills, health and music)

Students designed their pizza boxes with the title of the store, logo and number. Then they made their pizzas into fractions of all the pizza toppings their store has to offer. They used construction paper, markers, play dough and glue to make their pizzas.

Their work was super creative masha'Allah from their store names, logos to their delicious topping! Some students had dessert pizzas! 

Students wrote a persuasive piece by writing an advertisement persuading people to buy their pizzas! First they started with the prewriting part where they made a mind map with everything they could think of about their store. Then they wrote the draft, reviewed their work, edited it and typed their final copy in the computer lab.

We also wrote an informative piece where they wrote how to make pizza.

The last day of our project we made real pizzas with delicious toppings while listening to a pizza song and singing along! Then, we invited the grade 3s to come see and learn about our different stores and what we have to offer. Each third grader paired up with a second grader to learn about his/her project, listen to the ad, read the menu, learn the pizza fractions and taste the pizzas the owners made! We had a great time alhamdulilah!


Qura'n Class: I love attending our Qura'n class to see how fun Tr. Ibtissam makes learning Quran and listen to the beautiful recitation of the class. They are always enjoying the recitation, and having fun while learning masha'Allah!

Last week when students finished their Qura'n lesson, Tr. Ibtissam got them moving around and they were all having a blast masha'Allah!

  • Homework pack is due on Thursday.
  • Matter Test on Wednesday.
  • Please make sure your child studies the spelling bee list words for Friday (columns 4 and 5)
Have a great Sunday isA!

Arabic (Tr. Salam)

نشاط لغوي موجه - محور عالم الحيوان

موعد التسليم: الاربعاء الموافق 27/4 ان شاء الله

الصف الثاني الابتدائي


ابحث بمساعدة الاهل عن ثلاثة أسماء لحيوانات جاء ذكرها في القرآن الكريم ، و الصقها على ورقة أو أكثر (حجم الورقة العادية)، ثم :

*اكتب اسم كل حيوان منهم بجانب صورته ،بخط جميل مع مراعاة موقع الحرف من السطر.

*ضع كل اسم من أسماء الحيوانات في جملة صحيحة (تتكون من أكثر من كلمتين)، و اكتبها بخط جميل أيضا.

*اقرأ ما كتبت من مفردات و جمل، قراءة صحيحة بصوت مرتفع.


 وسيتم تقويم النشاط على النقاط الاتية :

 صحة المفردات والصور  -   القراءة الصحيحة مع الفهم    -      الكتابة الصحيحة وحسن الخط   - الترتيب و وضوح الصور.          (يستطيع الطالب التلوين والتزين بالشكل الذي يرغب به).



و جزاكم الله خيرا ، و قد تم تدريب التلاميذ على ما هو مطلوب منه

Saturday 9 April 2016

Class Updates and Reminders

Assalamu Alaikum,

We had a great week alhamdulilah!

Reading: We discussed some different reading strategies and applied them while reading. We learned to visualize, predict and make connections while reading to help us understand the text more.

Students read to self and they shared some of the predictions, connections and pictures they drew in their minds while reading.

Dr. Aisha read us two more chapters of "Danny, the Champion of the World!" Learn about how Danny saves his father from your child!

Sr. Madlein read us "Sugar Cookies", a book that teaches vocabulary associated with love.

Here are the vocabulary words from the book:
 selfless, considerate, compassionate, expensive love, true love, cherish, connect, unrequited, unconditional, supportive, admire, bliss, constructive

We completed a vocabulary worksheet as a class where students read sentences and described them using these vocabulary words
Image result for sugar cookies vocab

I read the class "Liza's First Spelling Bee" where we learned how a girl called Liza studied for the spelling bee by turning the words into characters and images to help her remember how to spell them.

Spelling: We learned more about contractions and how the apostrophe takes the place of letters to form a shortcut.

We are practicing the spelling bee rules as a class and how to "say - spell - say" the word. Please make sure your child is studying the spelling bee list.

Centers on Wednesday:
  • SNAIL MAIL (we wrote letters/notes to each other)
  • BUILD A CITY (we used 3D shape nets to make a city) 
  • VOCABULARY QUESTIONS (Students read clues to each other and guessed the vocabulary words.... smothered, grunted, fleeing, crave, fragrant, pleaded, replied, belongings, correspond, gently
  • VOCABUALRY MEMORY (Students matched the words to their meanings.)
  • AUTHOR'S PURPOSE (Students worked together to read sentences and decide the author's purpose.)
Math: We learned about 3D shapes and their attributes. Students explored different 3D shapes we have in our class, supermarkets, and everywhere around us.

We counted the faces of different 3D shapes by tracing the faces (like cereal boxes and tomato paste cans).

Students also made 3D shape nets and wrote about their attributes. They selected a 3D shape and described its attributes (How many edges, vertices and faces does it have? Does it stack or roll?)

We stacked and rolled 3D shapes, and discussed which 3D shapes stack and which ones rolls, and why.

We made 3D skeletons using clay and toothpicks, and learned that they had no faces.

Social Studies: Students followed directions to label "The Kings Castle". We are learning about communities and how each community has different traditions.

Computer Lab/ Social Studies: Students are writing about some of their traditions on a WordPad. We also researched pictures of different traditions.

Islamic Studies: Tr. Dina, the Islamic Studies coordinator, joined us, and students worked in groups to put the story of Prophet Nuh (SAW) in the right sequence. We discussed some of the lessons we learned form the story, and students made the ark of Prophet Nuh (SAW).

Qura'n Class: Tr. Ibtissam threw the class a party! They had popcorn and treats while watching the story of "Ashab Alokhdood".

Art: We had a fabulous time on Friday! Students were divided into groups where they painted boxes, Styrofoam balls, and toilet paper rolls, cut circles, and traced boxes on craft paper.

 Then once the paint dried, we had a blast making funny 3D creatures! Masha'Allah they all did a fabulous job!

  • Homework pack is due on Wednesday.
  • Study the third column of the spelling list for the spelling bee practice on Thursday.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!