Friday 31 January 2014


Dear Parents,

       This is a quick reminder that we will have our field trip on Monday February 3rd, 2014 to Winterlude.  Students who has not brought in the field trip form, they are to stay home. Please keep in mind, we will be outdoors. Some suggestions to help your child stay warm is to  have them wear double socks, mittens, and a hat with them at all time. As well to send extra pair of socks/gloves and mittens just in case if they get wet. Please do not forget to send snow pants with your child as it is essential for them to stay outside. Any child who do not bring snow pants will be asked to stay at school.

     As well, your child should have a good big meal in the morning because chances are, we wont be able to have lunch till we get back to school . They should have their lunch and water bottle with them for this field trip. Cash is permitted if the child wants to buy hot chocolate or beaver tale. Please put the money in an envelope and their name on it. I will keep it with me till they are in need of it. We are excited to have some together as a class. I'm looking forward to a fun day with them. :)

Tr. Merve

Monday 27 January 2014

Social st. 3-D community project

3-D Community Project

Dear Parents/students,

We learned all about Communities: what is a community, types of communities, and focused in on our own community today.  The students will now build a 3-D model community of their own at home. They can choose to make an urban, suburban, or rural community.
I’m looking forward to see their amazing work. It can be challenge for them to complete the project on their own, parents help is accepted (minimal help). Please allow your child to complete the project on their own as much as possible. Giving ideas and guidance is permitted. The rest should be done on their own. J
Here are some examples to help visualize what is expected:

There will be set of worksheets to help the students complete the project,, as well as set of worksheets to be answered and handed in on the due date..  I will provide a rubric for the creativity/effort. We will have an in class show and tell where students will have the privilege to tell the class about their community. J

The project is due:  Friday February 7, 2014

The booklet is with your child. It will be sent home today. :)

Friday 24 January 2014

Tr. Nancy

Dear Parents,
Assalamu Alaikum

Abraar School has been participating in the MS-Read-A-Thon for the past eight years. We feel that this is an important cause because so many people are afflicted by this debilitating disease, and by working together, we can make a difference, inshaAllah.

On Monday, January 27, 2014 at 9:00 we will have a MS-Read-A-Thon assembly in the gym, and at the same time, it is a kick-off for the read-a-thon.

For more information, please visit the MS Society of Canada
Jazakum Allahu Khairan for your support.

Have a great day, inshaAllah.

Nancy-Ann Brethour

Monday 20 January 2014

Art Project

Dear Parents,

For an art project, we are in need of canvases. Please provide a canvas with your child.

As well,  each child should have glue stick.

Thank you,

Tr. Merve

International Day

Dear parents,

January 23, 2014 is the International day. We encourage the students to wear their cultural outfit. If a student does not have cultural outfit, they are to wear their regular uniform.

We will have in class party, please provide with your child a cultural dish that she/he would like to share with the classroom.

Thank you,

Tr. Merve

Picture Day

Dear Parents,
This is a quick remind, Tuesday January 21, 2014 is picture day.  :)

Thank you,
Tr. merve 

Thursday 16 January 2014

Language - descriptive writing

Dear parents,

Your child is learning to write descriptions. I will send a writing assignment today inshallah. The assignment as followed:

When you write to describe something, you are painting a picture with words. A good what to describe something is to use words that tell the reader how something, looks, sounds, feels, tastes, and smells.

choose a topic to write from the list below or come up with one of your own:

1. a storm
2. a place that makes you happy
3. a scary place
4. a place you love
5. what is your topic

Make a list of ideas you want to include in your description.

- look over your list and connect ideas that belong together
- number the ideas to show which one will come fist in your description
- write your description on another piece of paper
- think of a title for your description
- read your description out loud to your family.

It is due Tuesday January  21, 2014

Thursday 9 January 2014

Spelling Test List

Dear parents,

The spelling test will be on Monday January 13, 2013

here is the List of the words:

1. wide
2. mile
3. line
4. hide
5. fire
6. nice
7. fine
8. mind
9. find
10. behind

You can also find the words in the spelling workbook on page 34. :)

Thank you,

Tr. Merve

Wednesday 8 January 2014

Science Update

Air and Water

In this unit, students read a variety of texts that help them explore the properties , forms, and importance of air ant water to people, plants and animals.

As students read recounts, reports, and explanations, they develop:

1. the reading strategy of evaluating
2. an understanding of the elements in a science report
3. and understanding of the characteristic of explanations

Thank you,

Tr. Merve

Math update

Dear Parents,

In this new unit, we will learn about time, temperature, and money.

This unit will  cover the following:

1. name and order months and season of the year
2. use ordinals first to thirty-first
3. tell time to the quarter-hour on analog and digital clocks.
4. Use a thermometer to see if the temperature is rising or falling

Thank you,

Tr. Merve

Social st. update

Dear Parents,

We are moving on with a new unit. We will  learn about different types of communities, In this unit we will cover:

1. describe features of communities and how they help to meet peoples needs
2. explore similarities and differences in communities around the world.
3. learn strategies of finding important important ideas.
4. an understanding of map conventions
5. strategy of using descriptive adjectives.

Tr. Merve