Friday 31 January 2014


Dear Parents,

       This is a quick reminder that we will have our field trip on Monday February 3rd, 2014 to Winterlude.  Students who has not brought in the field trip form, they are to stay home. Please keep in mind, we will be outdoors. Some suggestions to help your child stay warm is to  have them wear double socks, mittens, and a hat with them at all time. As well to send extra pair of socks/gloves and mittens just in case if they get wet. Please do not forget to send snow pants with your child as it is essential for them to stay outside. Any child who do not bring snow pants will be asked to stay at school.

     As well, your child should have a good big meal in the morning because chances are, we wont be able to have lunch till we get back to school . They should have their lunch and water bottle with them for this field trip. Cash is permitted if the child wants to buy hot chocolate or beaver tale. Please put the money in an envelope and their name on it. I will keep it with me till they are in need of it. We are excited to have some together as a class. I'm looking forward to a fun day with them. :)

Tr. Merve