Sunday 23 April 2017

Updates and Reminders

Asalaamu'alykum Dear Parents,

Hope you all are well inshaAllah. Below are some updates from the last couple weeks of class.

Math: We started and ended our unit on probability- a measure of the likelihood that an event will occur using mathematical language such as likely, unlikely, possible, impossible and certain. It took only a week and half to grasp the concept of the different types of probability. They wrote the definition of each type in their math journals, watched videos, completed corresponding exercises in their math activity books and even came up with their own sentences using the appropriate type to comfortably express their predictions.

Language: We've been on an exciting new journey for the past 2 weeks in Language Arts class since we started our novel study unit. The book we're reading is called Fantastic Mr.Fox by Roald Dahl. Before delving into the book we went over the importance of reading and created a mind map as a class. After establishing why it's important to read, we went over the key story elements in every fiction novel: characters (protagonists/antagonists), setting, problem and solution. I read aloud chapters 1-3 and the students pointed out the story elements, made predictions/inferences, summarized the main idea of each chapter and also presented their group work to describe character traits of some of the characters we've been introduced to so far. Before reading ahead, students completed an online quiz in the computer lab (10 multiple questions based on chapters 1-3). Last week we covered 2 more chapters and inshaAllah will work on comprehension worksheets in the upcoming week (all related to main idea, characters and setting).

Spelling: Spelling test for Lesson 28 was taken up on Friday. For next week's spelling test (Thursday, April 27th) I've given them the following words from Lesson 29 "Words with Vowel Pairs": beat, roads, mean, lay, main, lower, pie, tie, toes, read.

Art: We worked on a spring theme last week "April Showers Bring May Flowers" where we learned how to draw flowers using different coloured construction paper rather than plain old markers and color pencils. To really get it right we watched a video 2-3 times to see how its done. They did a fantastic job and it turned out to be a vibrant collection once I put them on display. Job well done mashaAllah.

Science: I will be starting a new unit on simple machines. We'll look at their impact and identify movement as an outcome of energy.

Social Studies: For the last two weeks we've been busy exploring interesting facts related to the planet's 7 continents and 5 oceans. We've learned to identify them on a map, watched a video describing their various differences and played an interactive game called "Roll a Map".

Islamic Studies: The story of Prophet Nuh (as) has been our main focus for the last couple of weeks now. Students completed workbook activities as well as other activities. These activities were broken down into one or two sections focusing on particular points in the story for better understanding of what they have read so far in class.  


- Homework packs are due next Thursday, April 27th
- Please inform your children to return any soon to be due (or due) library books
- Please encourage your children to read on RazKids for 20 minutes everyday

JazakAllah khayr.

Saturday 8 April 2017

Latest Updates and Reminders

Asalaamu'alykum Dear Parents,

Some updates from last week.

Islamic Studies: Before moving onto Prophet Nuh's (as) story, I had students write an open book test (PART II) on the seerah of the Prophet (saw).

Math: After practicing subtraction with regrouping all week, students promptly completed their classwork, which was an improvement compared to the week before. I then gave them an assessment on Friday to evaluate their understanding of both -subtraction with regrouping and addition with regrouping. They did really well mashaAllah.

Spelling: On Thursday they wrote their spelling test on Lesson 26 and will now be practicing words from Lesson 27 "Adding Endings". For next week's test on Thursday, April 13th, they have the following words to learn: jogging, running, trimming, skipping, shopped, sadder, gladdest, hopped, winning, mixed.

BONUS: blistering, smeltering, frigid, freezing and boiling

Science: The whole week we reviewed what we know about states of matter, created pamphlets, and played jeopardy. On Friday they wrote the test which will be marked and sent home by next week inshaAllah.


- Please remind your children to return any soon to be due library items
- Do encourage your children to read on RazKids for 20 mins every day
- Homework packs are due next Thursday
- There will be no school on Friday, April 14th and Monday, April 17th

JazakAllah khayr.

Friday 7 April 2017

Message from Tr.Salaam

السلام عليكم:

انتهينا من جميع الانشطة الصفية المتعددة لدرسي "الوقت و الاعداد" و" الخريف و الربيع" ، و كذلك من الانشطة الصفية لنشاط معلومة و رسمة، ونحن الان بصدد الانشطة الخاصة بموضوع التعاون، و ضرورة أهميته في التقدم و النجاح ، وأيضا بصدد التدريب على نشيد (أنا أحب النظافة).

نشكر لكم متابعتكم في عمل الواجبات المنزلية ، وننصح بضرورة  الحرص على الاهتمام بواجب القراءة بصوت مرتفع عدة مرات مع التشجيع ، و أيضا  بمتابعة التلميذ في قراءة القصة المستعارة من مكتبة المدرسة، و ملء الجدول الخاص بذلك . وجزاكم الله خيرا.

يمكن التواصل مع المدرسة ، من خلال الايميل : 

Tuesday 4 April 2017


Asslam alikum Dear Parents, I hope my email finds you in   good health and Eman.

Below are some update from our 
French class.
This month our grade 2 students will be continuing to practice simple conversations, asking and answering  short questions about ourselves such as, comment vas-tu? Quelle est ta couleur préférée?   and talking about days of the week and the weather. They are learning about classroom objects, and prepositions (sur, sous, dans, devant, derrière). We have also be reviewing a few new French songs.
We will also be reviewing the vocabulary for the story, comment y aller? ( marche, pense, monte, dommage, désolé, s’arrête, nage, quand même ,  ) .

·   Play rehearsal – introduction of the play Comment y aller ?
·  Introduction of the second IPG activity – colouring the characters.
·  Simple questions based on the story – les questions totales.
·   Introduction of the characters -  Marie – la policère – le conducteur-  le capitaine – l’extra-terrestre – maman – Pierre .
·   We did the following activities related to the story :
1- Qu’est ce qui se passe ? (students should draw a line that identifies the picture as it corresponds to the sentence, using basic vocabulary and very simple language structure and copy the sentence on the line. )
2-  Fais un dessin :  students should read and respond briefly to the written material ( draw a picture)
3- Mets les mots en ordre
4- les questions totales

You find below some useful websites (activities and games related to story comment y  aller ? )

Please encourage your child to read the story I sent you ( comment y aller^ ) and practice with him/her the vocabulary.

Jazakoum Allah khairan

French teacher coordinator

Saturday 1 April 2017

Updates and Reminders

Asalaamu'alykum Dear Parents,

We've had a busy 2 weeks of learning and fun!

Islamic Studies: Our seerah unit has come to an end. We covered about 8 chapters in a span of 3-4 weeks and learned quite a bit about our beloved Prophet (saw) and some of his close companions. Students completed workbook activities for each chapter, wrote an open book test and finished a concise yet comprehensive package for understanding. The take-home lesson from this unit for us all was: the prophet (saw) was sent to perfect and his qualities demonstrated how easy it can be for us to emulate his noble character.

Math: Last week and this week students worked on addition with regrouping and subtraction with regrouping. We did ample of activities and exercises to practice our regrouping skills using more than one method. For addition with regrouping students learned the vertical method, expanded method and ten-base block method. For subtraction with regrouping, students focused on just 2 of the three methods: vertical and ten-base block. We will continue subtraction with regrouping next week as we still have one more method to cover but also because I found that we need more practice with subtraction.

Language: We worked on pronouns all week this week. Students learned that pronouns are words that replace nouns. They familiarized themselves with object and subject pronouns and their uses. For practice, they used pronouns in their own writing as well. They wrote a journal entry about their imaginary pet and worked on a pronoun pizza activity which was helpful because it was a nice visual for them to see that pronouns do in fact take the place of nouns. The week before last, students learned about contractions: a shortened form of two words. For e.g. didn't (did not). Their attention was brought to the use of the apostrophe and how it is used to omit one or more of the letters. For a fun class activity, students worked on "contraction caterpillars" to identify and make different contractions while writing a paragraph.

Spelling: Students wrote their spelling test on lesson 25 last Thursday and are now onto spelling words with different endings (Lesson 26). They will be tested on the following words next Thursday: worked, sending, wants, glasses, sees, burning, reached, boxes, wishes, opening. 

BONUS: subject, object, regroup, spring and rajab 

Science: A practice test was sent home yesterday as part of the homework pack. Students have a unit test on Matter next Friday, April 7th. In class we'll be reviewing what we've learned thus far in the upcoming week inshaAllah. Also, we finally planted the flower seeds in the clean yogurt containers students brought from home (than you to all parents!). It was a long time coming. Now we'll be tracking and recording the growth of the seeds on a weekly basis. 

Social Studies: Last week we worked a whole lot on our mapping skills. We now know that maps help us to find a location of a certain place. It tells us where the place is from where we are located. Using cardinal directions students had to find their way around a community, a city and a zoo by answering questions related to each map. They also drew and wrote about a time when they took a roadtrip and what happened if they got lost. Once they grasped the concept and felt more comfortable with giving and following directions, I announced a pop quiz and they completed it with little to no difficulty alhumdulilah. 

Art: On Friday we worked on an art activity called "Spring Birds". Students drew, colored and cut out their own animated birds perched on a branch. They practiced mixing colors and used different coloring techniques with oil pastels, chalk and paint. Their creativity was flowing mashaAllah. It got pretty messy but it ended up being worth it. The week prior to last, students worked another spring fun art activity where they learned how to dye coffee filters using a range of different colors. 2A and 2B will be making a collage out of this pretty coffee filter craft very soon inshaAllah. It will be worth the display!


- Please remind all students to return any library items soon to be due back to the library

- Please encourage your children to read on RazKids everyday for 20 minutes

- Homework packs are due Thursday, April 6th.

JazakAllah khayr.