Monday 27 January 2014

Social st. 3-D community project

3-D Community Project

Dear Parents/students,

We learned all about Communities: what is a community, types of communities, and focused in on our own community today.  The students will now build a 3-D model community of their own at home. They can choose to make an urban, suburban, or rural community.
I’m looking forward to see their amazing work. It can be challenge for them to complete the project on their own, parents help is accepted (minimal help). Please allow your child to complete the project on their own as much as possible. Giving ideas and guidance is permitted. The rest should be done on their own. J
Here are some examples to help visualize what is expected:

There will be set of worksheets to help the students complete the project,, as well as set of worksheets to be answered and handed in on the due date..  I will provide a rubric for the creativity/effort. We will have an in class show and tell where students will have the privilege to tell the class about their community. J

The project is due:  Friday February 7, 2014

The booklet is with your child. It will be sent home today. :)