Thursday 25 April 2013

Weekly Preview

As-Salamu Aleikum dear parents,

Science: In the animal kingdom unit of Science students completed mammals, birds, insects and reptiles. They are learning all about amphibians and fish this week.

Language Arts: Students will learn how to summarize a passage. We will practice identifying the most important events in a story and putting them into sequence.
Grammar: Students are learning all about verbs.

Math: We started a new unit in math on Data Management. Students will be learning about probability and how to organize data into bar graphes.

Gym: Students are continueing learning various activities in gymnastics such as log rolls, somersaults, bridge and head stands. They are learning about safety on the mats and helping each other in spotting. We also talked about weather safety.

Art: Students created beautiful art mosaics. We posted them up in the class.

Social Studies: We have focused on Science this week.

Islamic Studies: Students learned about Prophet Adam (alayisalam) last week. This week they are learning about Prophet Nuh (alayisalam).