Tuesday 8 April 2014

science workshop - Friday April 25, 2014

Scientists In School 
Simple Machines for Grade Two

Dear Parents,

We will have a workshop on Friday April 25, 2014. The following information is regarding the workshop. If any parents will be volunteering, please send me an email to arrange it. I'm in need of 4 parent/volunteer. I'm looking forward to the workshop. :)

Thank you for booking the “Scientists in School” program, Move It, for your grade 2 class.  Your presentation will be on the morning of Friday, April 25th.

Please have all the students wear name tags printed large enough so that I may read them.  Please add the title ‘Scientist’ to their name since that is how I will address them.

Please arrange to have at least four adult volunteers, to help with the centres.  It would be appreciated if they could arrive about 20 minutes early so that I may explain the centre that each will be supervising.  It is imperative that we have an adult at each centre for the presentation to be successful. (I will be stationed at one of the centres.)

Please have a large Zip-Loc bag (or equivalent) available for each student. They will use these to store the items they collect from each station.

We will begin by talking about simple machines and how they make life easier for us.  The discussion will touch on the six simple machines:  inclined planes, levers, wedges, wheel and axel, and pulleys.  The students will then rotate through the five centres with 15-20 minutes spent in each.  Each of the five centres will represent one of the simple machines with the exception of pulleys.  We will not be experimenting with pulleys.  The session will end with a brief discussion on the students’ findings.

I look forward to spending an enjoyable morning with your class.  Please call or email me if you have any questions. 

Isabelle Tardif