Sunday 25 September 2016

Last Week's Updates

Asalaamu'alykum Parents and Guardians,

Below is a summary of the work covered last week from September 19th to September 24th.

Islamic Studies: Students listened to the story of Prophet Ibrahim (as) and learned what it means to put all your trust in Allah (swt). The concept of Creator, creation and idolatry was discussed. For our second session we looked at Eid around the world and explored the different ways in which it is celebrated in other countries. Students completed worksheets and questions related to both topics. 

Math: The unit Numbers 1-50 was introduced to students as a way to kick-start the year with understanding the basics: how do we use numbers? And what is their relevance? Students worked in groups and independently using mind maps to showcase their creativity on the topic. On friday we looked at place value; the difference between 1 digit and 2 digit numbers. Overall it was a challenging topic to grasp (which is very normal) so I decided next week I will backtrack and work our way up by looking at ordinal numbers first. 

Grammar: Students learned about nouns as well as common and proper nouns. We played the ABC nouns game in class, watched a video related to common and proper nouns and they were given worksheets for homework to help further their understanding.

Spelling: Students reviewed what consonants are (letters that are not vowels) in their spelling workbook and finished 3 activities using a list of words (fox, tell, wind, cut, put, new, saw, moon). Students must know how to spell these words because every week we will have a spelling quiz. Our first spelling quiz will be on Thursday, September 29th, inshaAllah. 

Reading: As a class students came up with different reasons why they think reading is important. We discussed the first component of the Daily 5 program "Read to Self" in which students try to maintain and build on their reading stamina. I then distributed their book bins and they added 5 books from the class library to them.

Social Studies: We joined grade 2B to watch videos on different celebrations and traditions around the world. We also discussed the different traditions and celebrations people have in Canada. Students shared their experiences as well. 

Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA): The reading coordinator, Tr.Hajer, and myself have been assessing students last week and should be completing all by the end of next week inshaAllah.