Sunday 11 December 2016

Reminders and Updates

Aslaamu'alykum Dear Parents,

Math: Students measured and recorded distances around objects, including 3-D objects, using nonstandard and standard units.  They also worked on a minecraft perimeter activity and practiced measuring using a standard unit (cm). After reviewing what we've learned so far in measurement, students wrote a pop quiz on Friday to demonstrate their understanding.

Science/Language/Library: We have been working deligently on our Green Sea Turtle book assignment. We talked extensively about the life-cycle of these sea turtles and how they must make it on their own from birth. Students wrote down the stages and pasted the life-cycle picture right above their description.

Spelling: The test was taken up on Friday instead of Thursday due to the field trip. Afterwards students worked on a spelling practice review from lessons 7-11.

Islamic studies: We are nearly done compiling our wudu' booklets, students have yet to write the steps and paste them in order. Grade 4A students visited our class for a wudu' workshop on Friday during 5th period. 3 Grade 4A students were grouped off with 3 Grade 2A students. They prepared a wudu' skit and was observed by Tr.Dina. Grade 2 students had to point out their mistakes while they performed wudu' incorrectly. It was a very good learning experience for all, definitely achieved the purpose.

Gym: We played a whole lot of parachute games in gym last week. It was all about non-competitive teamwork, cooperation and having fun. The focus was to strengthen the shoulders, arms and hand muscles. We created light waves, ripples, made the parachute billow 3 times, jogged to the right and to the left while holding on to the parachute with one hand (coordination) and played an exciting game called cat and mouse.

Field trip: We had a wonderful time at the Canadian Museum of History last Thursday. Students first explored the First Nations exhibit; their culture and traditional items. Then we watched a documentary about the Great White Sharks at the imax theatre and learned a great deal more about these fascinating creatures. The students also really enjoyed playing at the children's museum- most definitely their favourite part of the trip.


- Please encourage your child to practice reading on Razkids for 20 mins everyday

- There was no homework pack sent out last week because the social studies project is already due on December 13th.

- Please remind your child to return their library books.

- Milk forms are due December 16th.