Wednesday 27 February 2013

Weekly Preview

As-Salamu Aleikum dear parents,

Science: Continueing with Simple Machines Unit

Language Arts: Students are practicing writing short narratives and including all aspects of story. They learned about the short "o" and "u" in their spelling workbooks. They are learning the proper form of capitalization in titles. Grammar: Adjectives, what they are and how to use them in description of setting, characters, plot etc.

Math: Students started a new unit in math this week on 3-D Geometric shapes.

Gym: Students have been improving their running endurance in gym warm ups. They have been playing dodge ball lately and have been enjoying the fast paced game.

Art: "The Earth and I" Students created and cut out a globe and created an art peice with it and incorporated themself into the picture. The title "Why We Should Protect the Earth" was used and students wrote about why we should protect the earth.

Social Studies: Students learned that Canada is divided into provinces. They coloured a map of the provinces, did a activity as well as learning some interesting facts about each of the provinces and territories.

Islamic Studies: Students created posters on various manners in Islam and examples of showing these manners, such as respect, kindness, honest, etc. They then presented their respective manner to the rest of the class.

Computers: Insha'Allah I will be demonstrating and letting the students explore in microsoft word this week in the computer lab.