Wednesday 15 May 2013

Week Preview

As-Salamu Aleikum dear parents,

Science: We are learning about conservation of water and reduction in pollution.

Language Arts: Students will practice their reading in our buddy reading program. They are practicing their writing in their journals as well.
Grammar: Students are learning all about prefixes and suffixes.

Math: Students are being introduced to multiplication, division and fractions.

Gym: Students are mostly practicing for the end of year performance during the gym time in order to use the stage.

Art: Students created sidewalk art using various coloured chalk. They really enjoyed this.

Social Studies: We have focused on Science this week.

Islamic Studies: Students are learning what hadith is. We listed to a song about hadith as well as did a jigsaw activity where each group of students read their hadith to the class and explained in their own words its meaning. (The hadith were from An-Nawawis 40 Hadith.)