Tuesday 28 May 2013

Weekly Preview

As-Salamu Aleikum dear parents,

Science: We are listening to student presentation this week.

Language Arts: Students will practice their writing in our new weekly writing workshop where a topic is given and they are to write several paragraphs about it and share their thoughts on the subject.
Grammar: Students are learning about using paragraphs. We are using the analogy of a juicy hamburger with the topic sentence and concluding sentence being the bun and the 3 details are the topings.

Math: We are finishing up our unit on the introduction to multiplication, division and fractions. 

Gym: Students are mostly practicing for the end of year performance during the gym time in order to use the stage. We are using some time for active games as well.

Art: Students are brainstorming and making rough drafts for their Eco-friendly t-shirt designs. They will then use fabric paint and markers to bring their design to life on their t-shirt. Jazakalakhair for sending in the shirts.

Social Studies: We have focused on Science this week.

Islamic Studies: Students are learning what tafsir is. We are beginning to go through the tafsir of Surah Al-Fatiha. They learned the 7 names of Surah Al-Fatiha and that it was revealed in Mecca. They are beginning to learn more about each ayah and what they mean.

Computers: Students will be encouraged to log into Bookflix in the computer lab this Thursday. They can read stories or watch the audio stories as well.