Wednesday 23 October 2013

Islamic St. Test - Monday October 28, 2013

Dear Parents,

We will have a test on the story of Prophet Adam. The test is as follow.

part 1: Fill in the blank
-   the words will be provided .They will read  sentences  and write the correct answer.

Part 2: True or False
-  there will be 4 questions where the students have to state whether the sentence is true or false.

part 3:  short answer
- there will be several questions where students have to write an answer for it. They are very simple and questions they are familiar with and questions that we have talked about in class.

They are well familiar with the story of Prophet Adam. All the questions are taken from the textbook. We will have review inshallah this week. I will send the textbook home on Friday.  They should be familiar with the story. There is no need for memorization.

Example questions: 

Who is Shaytan?

Allah told all the angels to bow down to Adam? true or false

They are simple questions. Hope this helps.