Tuesday 29 October 2013

math update

Dear Parents,

The past two days, we have been practicing double digit adding. I will mark their worksheet and send them home to be signed. Please take the time to sign them. Some of the student need the time to continue adding double digit number, I will continue working on them throughout the week. I will send worksheet as homework to continue to help them improve their adding skills.

I have noticed, some of the students are mixing up writing double digit numbers or confusing the numbers such as 7 with a 2 and 6 with a 9 and so on. You will see counting worksheet  to help them practice their numbers. We will work on writing double digit numbers properly and getting the numbers right to help them write the correct answer when it comes to their test and work. :) I will quiz them throughout the week to check the progress. Hope all this helps. :)

Tr. Merve