Saturday, 27 February 2016

Class Updates and Reminders

Assalamu Alaikum,

Alhamdulilah we have been having a great time learning and exploring!

Reading: On Monday Dr. Aisha started reading us a chapter book called "Danny, The Champion of the World". Learn about the hilarious adventures Danny and the best dad a boy ever had, from your child!

This week Sr. Madlien read us a chapter from a book about the companions. We learned about Salman and how he met the prophet and was freed from slavery. Students completed a worksheet about Salman. It was truly a touching story that we all enjoyed very much!

Students have been maintaining stamina during Read to Self masha'Allah!

Writing: Last week we worked in pairs to write sentences showing the meaning of different homonyms. This week students wrote about something they have a passion for and they drew a picture of themselves doing it in their writing journals.

Spelling: We completed lesson 21 in our spelling books where we learned words with c and ck. We also wrote our spelling quiz on lesson 19 and 20 (consonant digraphs).

Math: We are learning about coins and how to add them. We sang a rap about different coins and what they are worth :)

Students have been working in pairs and independently to show different ways of showing a monetary amount (e.g. $2.00 is $1, 2 quarters, 4 nickels and 3 dimes)

They also worked in pairs to solve word problems about coins. Yesterday students worked independently to buy sweets for one dollar by selecting the sweets and adding the coins to reach a dollar.

Math Center Fun: The 2Bs joined us and we had math centers where students got to visit different stations with board games, Place Value Puzzles, Base Ten Blocks, Place Value Matching Cards!

Science: We started our new unit on Matter.. Properties of Liquids and Solids. We learned that matter is anything that takes up space. We learned about the different states of matter and how the molecules are in a solid, liquid and a gas.

 Students have been exploring different matter. We went outside and collected snow in cups, colored it, and let it melt. Before it melted we drew a line on the cups predicting the volume of the liquid. The second day we put the cups outside so that the liquid could freeze. We also put water in a kettle and boiled it to see that liquid can turn to gas (steam).

Students worked in pairs to write a list of the matter they saw outside and its texture. They also drew their snow in different states.

Students worked in pairs to write about the three states of matter and the properties of each state.

Yesterday we did a little experiment as a class where we filled a container with blocks, then, we filled it with colored water. After that each student completed a worksheet independently to show what they learned from the experiment about the properties of solids and liquids.

Computer Lab: Students have been working on WordPad and Paint to create beautiful work by changing color, size, font and highlighting their work on WordPad. They also draw pictures on Paint, write inside the picture, select it, and copy it on WordPad. We are also learning how to save our work.

Portfolios: We have been working on designing our portfolio covers, selecting work to include in the portfolio and more! Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday isA!

Gym: We played Rock/Paper/Scissor, and Flip the Plate last week. This week we played hockey and soccer!

Library: Tr. Nancy went over some library rules, and students learned that they will be collecting classdojo points in library class.

Islamic Studies: We are learning about the Seerah (Story of Prophet Mohammed (SAW)) and how we should always take the Prophet (SAW) as a role model. This week we read about the Prophet's marriage and his 6 children.

  • Homework pack is due on Wednesday.
  • Spelling quiz on lesson 21 (words with c and ck) is on Monday isA.
  • I will be emailing you the schedule for the Student Led Conferences isA :)
  • Students took home the milk forms.
  • Spirit Day (Dress as a Leader) is this Monday! 

Have a fabulous weekend isA!