Sunday 1 May 2016

Class Updates and Reminders

Assalamu Alaikum,

Last week was wonderful alhamduilah!

Reading: Dr. Aisha read a chapter of "Danny, The Champion of The World".

We have been talking about "Amana" and being trustworthy. We learned about how Allah sees and hears us all the time, and we read about "Taqwa" in our Islamic Studies book.

Students maintained stamina while reading to self.

Writing/ Computer Lab: On Thursday, we went to the computer lab, and we drew ourselves as our parents since it was "Dress as Your Parent Day". We learned how to draw on paint and students got so creative with their pictures!

After that we wrote an entertaining piece where we pretended that we were our parents for a day. Students wrote about their day as mom or dad! A lot of students wrote about how their children drive them crazy! :)

Spelling Bee Practice: Tr. Hajer joined us on Friday for the spelling bee practice. We completed the spelling list, and we gave students challenging words that weren't on the list! Saara was first place, Ameer was second place and Fatima was third place. Way to go!

Earth Day: We celebrated Earth Day on Monday with the grade 4s. We had a great time going on a scavenger hunt where we looked for different flowers, wildlife, recyclable items and more!

Math: We learned different strategies to find the product of a multiplication sentence. We learned how we can use multiplication in real life. Students used equal groups, repeated addition, arrays and skip counting to multiply. 

We worked in pairs and independently to solve word problems on multiplication. Students used Lego to multiply!

Science: On Wednesday, students wrote a test on "Properties of Matter".


We started our new Science Unit, Earth and Space Systems, Air and Water in the Environment.
To start off the unit, we learned about natural and man- made resources. We watched a video and had a class discussion about natural and man-made resources.
By the end of this unit, your child will:
- demonstrate an awareness of the forms in which water and air are present in the environment, and describe ways in which living things are affected by water and air.
- investigate the visible effects of air and water in the environment.
Talent Show: On Wednesday we went to the gym for the talent show, and enjoyed the performances very much! Rida, Saara and Fatima participated in the talent show this year, and they did a beautiful job on stage masha'Allah!

Library: Tr. Nancy is teaching us how to use a dictionary. She showed the class the guide words and how they can help us find the word we are looking for. Students were given a list of words to look up in the dictionary. Then, they completed sentences using the list.

IsA tomorrow Tr. Nancy will be giving the class another lesson on how to use the dictionary, and students will get a new list to look up in library class :)

Park Fun: We went to the public park several times last week and had a great time playing on the play structure and playing soccer!

  • Homework pack is due on Thursday. I will be dividing the homework packs into fractions, so that your child can do a fraction each day :)
  • Students took home a new spelling bee list. IsA on Friday we will be having our spelling bee practice on the first two columns from the list... Please make sure your child practices the list words.
  • Multiplication Contest: After learning what multiplication is and different strategies to multiply, we are now having a multiplication challenge which is OPTIONAL. Students were given the 2 and 4 tables to memorize. IsA we will be having the contest on Fridays where students will be winning exciting coupons! IsA I will be emailing you links of multiplication songs to make it easy for your child to learn the tables :) ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD TO PARTICAPATE :)))
Have a great week isA!