Monday 7 January 2013

Weekly Preview

 Dear Parents, As-Salamu Aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

The following is what we will be learning this week insha’Allah:


- complete unit on measurement, perimeter and area. Students will have a very small (half page) quiz on measurement as well as writing a definition in their own words of perimeter and area in their Math journals on Friday. We will review in class together.


- We will begin talking about non-fiction books and learning reading strategies for non-fiction reading.
- The oral presentations of students' choice book will be continuing on Friday for those who did not yet present. I will send a reminder to students and parents about their presentation date.


- Finishing creating our brochure of the water cycle. Students are using the writing process, they have brainstormed in class and written their rough drafts of the brochure, most have started or completed their editing with red pen and this week they will finish their final copies insha`Allah.
- In the computer lab students will do their 2nd  Google Image search and choose a water cycle image for their good copy of their brochure.
- Students will have their end of unit quiz next Monday January 14th, that covers the material from the unit, please help them prepare by studying their completed worksheets throughout week and weekend.

Social Studies

- Anti-bullying activities and activities to re-unite students. We will also go over some class routines and procedures to help students remember and feel comfortable. Quiz on map skills (cardinal directions, title, legend, symbols).


- We will be making a friendship tree that’s filled with beautiful leaves that describe the characteristics of a good friend and what it means to be a good friend.

Islamic Studies:

- We will review and discuss what we learned about the 5 Pillars of Islam and have a short quiz on Wednesday, January 9th. Insha’Alla we will finish our 5 Pillars of Islam brochures.  
Health and Physical Education

- First day back we will have various fun gym games to help students feel happy to be back at school.
- Basketball Unit continues - rules of the game, defense, running while dribbling and playing the game insha’Allah. I will be assessing skills shortly while students do drills and play game.