Monday 17 December 2012

Weekly Preview

Dear Parents As-Salamu Aleikum,

The following is what we will be learning this week insha’Allah:

- Tues - complete concept of area and review perimeter.

- I introduced the writing process to students last week, (i.e. Brainstorming, Rough Draft, Editing, Final Draft or Good Copy) we will be continueing with this.
- Oral presentations of students' choice book will be continueing throughout the week.

- Continueing creating our brochure of the water cycle. Students are using the writing process, we will be brainstorming as a class then they will do a rough draft of the brochure, then edit with red pen then they will do a final copy.
- In the computer lab students are learning how to do a  Google Image search using "the water cycle", they then choose their choice image and try to duplicate it on the back page of their brochure.
- Students will have a end of unit test that covers the material in the unit.

Social Studies
- Reading map assessment, students will be given a map and have to follow directions in order to find certain items.

- Tissue Paper Birds to decorate our windows as most birds have flown South for the winter.

Islamic Studies:
- Fasting in Ramadan continued and Hajj, the fourth and fifth pillars of Islam
Health and Physical Education
- Basketball Unit - passing, shooting and some rules of the game.