Monday 17 December 2012

Great Snack Ideas for Lunches!

As-Salamu Aleikum Parents and Students,
here are some great snack ideas. Please do your best to send healthy snacks. Sugary snacks such as fruit roll-ups, cookies, and brownies can be replaced with fresh veggies and dip, muffins, and fresh fruit variations.

Veggies and Fruit Grain ProductsMilk and AlternativesMeat and Alternatives
Pepper strips (red, green, yellow)Tortillas, flatbread, nann or pita breadFruit yogurt or soy yogurtHard cooked egg
Peas in a pod or snow pea podsCold cereal (not sugary kind)Yogurt dip (tzatziki) for veggiesTuna, salmon or chicken salad flavoured with: curry, onions, mayo, pickles, apples or dill
Diced apples, pears, or orangesEnglish muffinsMilk or fortified soy beverage Fava beans in rice
Plums, peaches, apricotsOatmeal muffinsCheese cubes, cheese string or cheese slicesHummus
Melon ballsRice cakesMilk-based puddingRefried or baked beans
Fruit smoothie Whole grain crackersCottage or ricotta cheese cups 
Turnip or zucchini sticksChappati, rotiCheese and crackersTuna or salmon sandwich
Cauliflower and broccoli treesPasta, brown rice, couscousCheesewhiz on celerySteamed soybeans (edamame)
Sliced mangoBread sticks Marinated cooked tofu