Saturday 13 September 2014

Friday's Classwork

Alsalamu Alaikum,

We had a lovely day on Friday alhamdulilah!

Reading/Writing: Students sat on the carpet and I read " How to Lose all Your Friends". Students shared some of the characteristics they'd love their friends to have. Students learned what not to do with their friends and how to be true friends. They went back to their places and we wrote the recipe to a great friendship!

Math: Students took turns to draw clocks and write the digital time on the board.

Science: We revised the characteristics of Living Things, we watched a video explaining the difference between Living and Non-Living things. We also played a game where I said a living thing and each student would write one characteristic on his/her board and hold it up.

Gym: We went to the gym and played Freeze Tag and Pizza.

  • In shaa Allah I will be updating you on your child's behaviour through a great website called CLASSDOJO. Each student was given the classdojo form with his/her password, please sign the form and send the bottom part to school with your child on Monday.
  • Students were also given their schedules and a consent form for you to sign and send on Monday in shaa Allah.
  • I would like each parent to kindly send me an e-mail at, so I can update my contacts.
Have a great weekend in shaa Allah!