Monday 14 September 2015

Today's Classwork

Assalamu Alaikum,

We had a wonderful day today alhamdulilah!

Library: We went to the library where Tr. Nancy read us "Our Librarian Won't Tell Us Anything" and she talked to us about the library rules.

Read to Self: After going over our I Chart which states the expectations when reading to self (start right away, stay in one spot, read the whole time, maintain stamina), students took their book boxes and started reading to self.

Spelling: Students took their spelling books today, and we completed our first lesson (Consonants).

Math: We played a math game where I threw the ball and the student who caught it had to solve a math problem.

Islamic Studies: Today we read Unit A, Chapter 4, My God is My Creator. Students took turns to state some of Allah's creations. We learned the story of prophet Ibrahim (SAW) and the idols.

Quran Homework: Practice the first two ayas of  Surat Al-Bayyinah.

EMBRACE SYRIA-MAC NATIONAL CAMPAIGN: Today in assembly Dr. Saleem talked to us about how important it is to put a smile on the faces of our brothers and sisters in Syria. In class we talked about how hard the situation in Syria has become, how the people are suffering, and how they are in need of our help.

  • If you have not sent the allergy and consent forms to school with your child, please make sure you do so tomorrow.
  • Please email me at, so I can update my contact list.
I hope you all have a wonderful evening in shaa Allah!