Sunday 6 March 2016

Class Updates

Assalamu Alaikum,

Alhamdulilah we had a wonderful week!

Reading: On Monday Dr. Aisha read us 2 chapters of "Danny, The Champion of the World". Danny learned about his father's deep secret!

Sr. Madlein joined us on Wednesday and students had a great time making the covers of their reading logs. They each made a mind map to stick on the back of the reading log showing how they feel when listening to a story.

We maintained stamina during read to self :)

Writing: We did a GUESS WHO activity where students wrote about themselves, so their parents could guess which writing was their child's on Friday!

Science/Writing: We read about the properties of solids, and their different textures. After we learned about "How To" writing and that it is informative writing, each student came up with a building project, listed the solids needed, and wrote the steps of building the project. Then, they drew pictures of their projects. Masha'Allah students were very creative!

Math: We learned to add and subtract two digit numbers without regrouping by completing some worksheets and doing group work.

We also started addition with regrouping. Students worked in pairs to do some addition with regrouping and we did some on the whiteboard. IsA we will be doing more next week and I will be emailing you the introduction letter for our new unit.

Islamic Studies: We discussed how the Prophet (SAW) should always be our role model and some of the ways in which we can take him as a role model. Then students completed a graphic organizer showing how they would take the Prophet (SAW) as a role model.

Library: Tr. Nancy compared the two books she had read to the class, and showed students that there were similarities and differences.
Gym: We played a fun game with the parachute and balls where the students were divided into two teams and their task was to keep the balls on the opposite side of the parachute!

Students Led Conferences Practice: Students worked in pairs to present their work. We learned how to present our work, and how to learn from our mistakes and keep up the good work. Masha'Allah students worked hard practicing and were very responsible!

It was truly a pleasure seeing you all on Friday, and for those who could not make it, isA we can schedule an appointment so you can come meet with your child :)


There is no spelling quiz or homework pack this week! Have fun!

Have a great Sunday isA!