Sunday, 27 November 2016

Reminders and Updates

Asalaamu'alykum Dear Parents,

An update from last week.

Spelling: As per usual, on Thursday students wrote their spelling test followed by the next lesson on long "o" vowels sounds in their spelling books. The words for next week's spelling test (Thursday, December 1st) are: those, low, goat, own, coat, go, hope, sold, over and ago.

BONUS: Length, width, height, nineteenth and twentieth.

Language: We learned all about adjectives using a show and tell activity called the mystery bag. I placed an object in a paper bag and I gave them clues, describing words (adjectives) to help them figure out the object. We discussed what adjectives are then played the mystery bag game a couple more times. Students worked independently on related worksheets. They also started writing in their journals using complete sentences, parts of speech (grammar) and proper punctuation.

Math: Linear measurement is the new unit we've been exploring since last week. As an introduction (and to help develop their measurement vocabulary) we discussed the different ways in which we use measurements in our day to day lives. For instance comparing two towers by height, determining the weight of two objects by holding each in one hand, the duration of an event from beginning to end (time), the greatest amount a container can hold (capacity), having a sense of temperature/a thermometer measures temperature etc. We also discussed which units, both standard and non-standard, can be used to measure the length, width or height of an object.

Science: I read a non-fiction book about reptiles to students. They learned that there are a few types of reptiles: turtles, snakes, lizards, crocodilians. We also learned about their different but unique characteristics such as they are vertebrates, cold-blooded, breathe with their lungs, shed their old skin in order to grow, have dry scaly skin and their eggs have leathery shells. Then independently they worked on a package of different activities relating to reptiles.

Islamic Studies: We're still in the process of compiling our wudu' folders.


-Homework packs are due Thursday, December 1st.

-Please encourage your children to read on RazKids for 20 mins everyday

-Also remind your child to return library books

-Marked homework packs, tests and pop quizzes will be sent home in the coming week inshaAllah