Monday, 21 November 2016

Updates, updates!

Aasalaamu’alykum Dear Parents,

Below is a brief update from last week.

Language: Author’s purpose is something new that we learned last week. It’s also referred to as PIE (persuade, inform and entertain) i.e. the reasons why an author chooses to write. After reading a story from the Magic School Bus series, students had to ask themselves certain question about the text to figure out the purpose. They looked for clues in the story for eg: did the author try to change their opinion, convince them of something. If so, then the author’s purpose was to persuade. Did the author give them facts or try to teach them something? If so, the purpose was to inform. Did the author try to make them laugh or simply tell a story. If so, then the author’s purpose was to entertain.

Spelling: As planned, students wrote their spelling test on Thursday and moved on with the next spelling lesson on long “u” vowel sounds in their workbooks. The spelling words for the next test on Thursday November 24th are: rule, use, tune, mule, due, true, grew, few, you and cute.

Bonus: pictograph, purpose, shark, seventeenth and eighteenth

Islamic Studies: Wudu’, a means of purification before standing in salah, was covered last week. Students were reminded that in order to thank, praise and worship Allah (swt) in salah it is important to perform proper ablution first. We learned the steps of making wudu’ from a video shared in class. Students then read about it in their Islamic textbooks and completed exercises in their activity books. We touched upon the origins of wudu as well. How the Prophet (saw) was visited by Jibreel (as) and was flown from his house in Mecca to Jerusalem, mounted on al buraq which travelled at the speed of light. He (saw) ascended to the heavens and it was there that the prayer was established and made compulsory. Students also made a step-by-step wudu’ guide. The sole purpose of this assignment was to assist and develop the basic rules and action of ablution. And to further develop their knowledge of it.

Math: In preparation for their data management test, all week students worked independently on a math package practicing how to interpret and create bar graphs and pictographs.

Science: We wrapped up our lesson about fish. Students worked independently on an animal profile, specifically the Great White Shark. After watching a kids discovery video on the great whites and reading about them, students wrote a neat description using complete sentences and proper punctuation.

Health and Gym: Students worked on a ‘food groups’ worksheet where they were required to list all the food items in the appropriate food group. For gym we worked on developing good sportsmanship by playing games such as meet in the middle, the wheelbarrow race, streets and alleys and triangle tag.


RazKids- please encourage your child to read on RazKids 20 mins every day.

Library books- please remind your child to return any library books that may be due.