Sunday 6 November 2016

Updates and Reminders.

Asalaamu’alykum Dear Parents,

Last week was a busy but an informative one alhumdulilah.

Social Studies: We carried on with our lesson on communities. We particularly discussed our community, what it has to offer and the places we like to visit like libraries, recreation facilities, mosques, shopping centres, zoos etc. We then talked about how community helpers work to help the community. Students brainstormed various examples of community helpers such as firefighters, sanitation workers, paramedics, veterinarians, farmers etc. Afterwards we went over the three different types of communities and their characteristics: rural, suburban and urban areas.

Math: Data management is the new chapter we are now studying. In their math journals students started writing definitions related to bar graphs such as data, survey, tally chart and parts of a graph TAILS (Title, Axis, Interval, Labels, Scale). They surveyed 11 people in class by asking who writes with their left hand or right hand. After creating the bar graph based on the tally marks, they answered a series of questions about the information depicted in the graph.  It was a handy exercise which allowed them to collect data, record it, create a bar graph to share and compare the information more clearly.

Language: Mastering the 4 sentence varieties and punctuation was our goal this week. Students were given a two-page comic strip in which they had to make use of all types of sentences (exclamation, declarative, imperative and interrogative) with proper punctuation. It was a fun activity and they all did a wonderful job mashaAllah. For extra punctuation practice they worked on related worksheets.

Spelling: Students wrote their spelling test from lessons 1-5 on Friday. They learned about the long “a” vowel sound in lesson 6 and completed the exercises in their spelling books. The next spelling test will be Thursday, November 10th inshaAllah. Students have already jotted down the words and bonus words in their agendas. 

Science: After completing their owl booklets, we started learning about our next vertebrate category: fish. They watched a video about the different parts of fish including gills, scales and fins.  Next week we will be delving into more detail about how different species of fish have adapted to their respective habitats. Students were also introduced to the concept of life cycle. 

Islamic Studies: A pop quiz was written on prophets Ibrahim (as) and Adam (as), the chapter: Allah Comes First and the promises of Allah and shaytan.   

Library Reminder: Please ensure your child returns their library books on time, especially those that are overdue.   

Reading: Please encourage your child to read on RazKids for 20 minutes every day.

Homework packs are due Thursday, November 10th inshaAllah.