Sunday 30 October 2016

Updates & Reminders.

Asalaamu’alykum Dear Parents,

We covered a lot of ground last week.

Science/Language/Art: We studied birds but specifically owls. Students familiarized themselves with their special characteristics such as their diet, their habitat, their physical features etc. Then demonstrated their understanding by writing their own owl booklets using simple structured sentences and sponge painted an owl on the covers.   

Math: We have officially (and successfully) completed our chapter on patterns. Throughout the week we practiced creating growing patterns using a t-chart and a simple three-column chart.  Students worked on creating, extending growing patterns in pairs, groups as well as independently. We reviewed the difference between repeating and growing patterns then on Friday they wrote a pop quiz on both.

Grammar: We shifted our focus to 4 types of sentence varieties: declarative (statement), imperative (command), interrogative (question) and last but not least, exclamation! They worked on worksheets and we had a good participatory discussion which aided them in their understanding alhumdulilah.

Spelling: Students completed their spelling test on lesson 5. Before moving onto lesson 6 students will be asked to take home their spelling workbooks on Monday (October 31st) to review the words they have learned so far. There are 50 words in total and they will be tested on 20 of them next Friday (November 4th) inshaAllah.

Reading: Last Wednesday VP Naaz launched a reading strategy called making connections. She modeled how students can make three different kinds of connections whilst reading: text-to-text, text-to-self and text-to-world. For the most part students were encouraged to make text-to-self connections. Through their own experiences they related to characters in the story "Big Red Lollipop" and what specific instances it reminded them of. This will be an ongoing reading activity for the remainder of the year inshaAllah. 

Important reminders:

- DRA results were sent out to parents on Friday.

- Homework packs are due Thursday, November 3rd.

- Tr.Salam’s handouts will be distributed tomorrow in class inshaAllah, please ensure that the homework is completed and submitted on Tuesday, November 1st.