Monday 10 October 2016

Important Reminders and Updates.

Asalaamu’alykum dear Parents,

Here’s what happened last week (October 3rd-October 7th):

During Monday morning’s assembly Tr.Dina, our Islamic Studies co-ordinator, announced the character for the month of October to be KINDNESS in an effort to showcase the ways in which the Prophet Muhammad (saw) demonstrated this attribute in his (saw) every day life.  As a class we talked about the ways in which we can make this characteristic practical in our lives in any given situation or circumstance especially when someone is harsh to us- a most fruitful discussion alhumdulilah!

Math: We reviewed the different methods we learned so far to count such as number lines, 10-frames, calendars, tallies, place value etc. After skip counting how many socks people were wearing in class, they individually worked on representing the number 50 in four different ways to demonstrate their understanding. We also covered comparing numbers using number sentences by using greater than and less than symbols.

Grammar: Together we brainstormed different action words while playing "simon says", learned to identify verbs and determined the use of them by working on related worksheets/activities. InshaAllah very soon we’ll be learning how to write short sentences.

Spelling: So far we learned that vowels sounds help separate the consonant sounds in words and that a word without a vowel would be very hard to pronounce. We started lesson 3 on short vowels “a” and “I” sounds in our spelling workbook.

The list of words for next Thursday’s spelling test: band, fit, him, tack, sad, list, mitt, have, will and skin.

FOR BONUS MARKS students can learn to spell the ordinal numbers from 1-5: first, second, third, fourth and fifth.

Science: Mammals was our main topic of discussion for the entire week. We learned their many unique traits. Apart from being vertebrates, students learned that mammals are warm-blooded, have fur/hair, give milk to their young (babies), give live birth and live everywhere (land, water, air). They watched 2 videos and worked on their mammal activities independently.

Islamic Studies/Art: Alhumdulilah we wrapped up the chapter “I Think of Allah First” which emphasizes the importance of praying on time. Students completed activities in their workbooks on the attribute of Al-Awwal and discussed the significance of having good intentions and the purity of intentions for the sake of Allah (swt). We incorporated a little bit of art into this lesson as well by making lovely frames depicting the attribute of Allah: Al-Awwal.

IMPORTANT REMINDER -> Our fieldtrip is tomorrow Tuesday, October 11th, 2016 inshaAllah. It's the perfect place to keep us thoroughly entertained for the day J Before venturing your children off to the zoo please remember that they are expected to be in uniform. Also keep in mind of the slight change in weather! A jacket or sweater would be ideal- as well as comfy shoes.  

VOLUNTEERS: For those parents who’ve approached me regarding their availability I thank you for reaching out, please e-mail me to confirm if you will be joining us on this trip, jazakAllah khayr.