Sunday 2 October 2016

Updates & Reminders

Asalaamu'alykum dear Parents,

For the week of September 26th-30th we did the following in class:

Islamic Studies: Chapter 2 "I Think of Allah First". Students read and answered questions related to one of the attributes of Allah, Al-Awwal, followed by a good discussion on how Allah (swt) has always existed and will continue to exist (no beginning and no end).

Math: We took up the definition of ordinal numbers and used a calendar to identify their position (1st to 30th), we talked about the calendar's various uses as well. Students practiced counting  and skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s on a number line. They worked on related activities in groups and independently throughout the week. In class we also reviewed what it means to estimate, they were given dry pasta to estimate the amount and skip count by 2s, 5s and 10s with their group members. So far they have finished page 15 in their math workbook.

Grammar: Nouns (both Common and Proper Nouns) were taken up as review. Since the reading assessments were still on-going, students worked independently on different activities. They had a pop quiz on Friday and starting next week I'll be introducing verbs inshaAllah.

Science: This week we classified animals into two groups: vertebrates and invertebrates. The differences between the two classifications were discussed and read a book related to the topic. Students then worked on independent activities to apply their understanding.

Spelling: Students had their first ever spelling test of the year on Friday. InshaAllah they will have yet another one in the coming week Thursday, October 6th. The words they need to learn to spell this time are: let, his, had, ask, old, took, also, sat, fell and get. 

Art: We started working on animal puzzles. Students coloured in their animal pictures then used it to make a fan. Each flap was numbered using ordinal numbers before cutting them into strips. They then had their partners put the animal puzzle pieces back in order using the ordinal numbers to guide them through the process. However, this in-class assignment is still incomplete and is to be finished by this week inshaAllah.

Reading/Computer lab: Students were assessed throughout the week by the reading coordinator Tr Hajer and myself. We had our first computer lab period on Thursday where students were given their RazKids username and password. Students are highly encouraged to practice their reading at home for 20 mins every day.

Reminder for Salah: I was advised by a dear parent to remind all parents to send out hijabs for the girls to pray properly at dhuhr time as I was informed that students practiced praying properly last year in grade 1 and so it would be most fitting that they carry out this beneficial habit during the course of this year as well.

Fieldtrip: We will be visiting the Papanack Zoo on Tuesday, October 11th inshaAllah and permission forms are due back Thursday, October 6th. Please remember that without volunteers this trip will not be possible, jazakAllah khayr!