Tuesday 19 January 2016

Class Updates

Assalamu Alaikum,

Yesterday and today were just awesome!

Reading: Students maintained stamina while reading to self. Meanwhile 2 students read to me. Once students were done reading, some students shared their favourite part in their books and what the author's purpose was (PIE: to persuade, inform or entertain).

Spelling: Students wrote their spelling quiz on lesson 16 (Y as a Vowel), and today we completed lesson 17 where we learned words that end in "LE".

Math: Yesterday we started our new unit "LINEAR MEASUREMENT". We learned that we can measure different objects using nonstandard units (pencil, paper clip, hand width, straw...etc)

Students wrote the definitions of HEIGHT and LENGTH in their math journal, and they completed page 43 in their math books where they wrote names of objects in the class that they thought would be 10 hands widths, measured them and recorded their answers.

Today students completed page 41 where they drew their family members and compared their heights. Each student measured a shoe print using 3 different nonstandard units.

Each student chose a partner and started to measure his/her body parts (leg, arm, face..etc) using a string.

Social Studies: Students presented their Continent/Ocean projects. They also completed a worksheet where they labeled a map with the continents and oceans, and they answered questions about the continents and oceans.

Library: Yesterday we went to the library and we borrowed books.

Gym: Students had a fabulous time in Jungle Sport!

I hope you all have a lovely evening!