Tuesday 17 November 2015

Monday and Today's Classwork and Some Reminders!

Asslamu Alaikum:
Spelling: Yesterday students wrote their spelling quiz on the long vowel U, and the bonus was to write as many verbs as they could in a minute after estimating how many they think they could write.
Today we completed lesson 10 where we learned words with the long O.
Reading: Yesterday students maintained stamina while reading to self, and I had some students read to me.
It is Anti-Bullying week this week...Today students discussed in pairs what they think a bully is, and I read "The Recess Queen", a great story about bullying. Then, we completed a Venn diagram where we compared two characters in the story - (Jean and Sue).

 Library/ Project: Yesterday Tr. Nancy brought books about insects and birds, and each student chose his/her animal for the project. Then, she talked to the class about how to ask questions and what a KEYWORK is. After that, students started writing questions about their animal, and underling the keywords. (e.g. Where does the snow owl live?/ What does it eat?).
Math: Yesterday students completed page 16 in their math books where they showed numbers on number lines and circled the greater numbers. Then, they worked in groups to show the greater number in 10 frames on chart paper.
Today each group chose a number greater than 10 and less than 31, and they represented that number in as many ways as they could (calendar, tally marks, 10 frames, illustrations and words). Then, students worked independently to complete page 18 in their math books where they represented two numbers and explained how they know one number is greater than the other.
Science: Yesterday we watched an interesting video about reptiles, and discussed the characteristics of reptiles as a class.
Today we played "catch the puppet" where the students who caught the puppet had 3 seconds to say something about reptiles. After that, students completed a worksheet where they wrote the number of reptiles they see in a picture, and coloured all the reptiles.
Islamic Studies: Students worked independently to answer questions about Habeel and Qabeel in their workbooks, and we took up the answers as a class.
Gym: Yesterday we did a graffiti activity about the different food groups. We also played duck duck goose and freeze tag.
Quran Homework: Practice Surat Al-Ghashiah Ayah 22 - 26.
  • Homework pack is due tomorrow.
  • Students are grouped and named according to continents. Research three interesting facts about your  group continent by Thursday.
  • Students have a spelling quiz on lesson 10 on Monday (long vowel sound 0):  those, low, goat, own, coat, go, hope, sold, over, ago
  • Students should also learn the spelling of sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth for Monday's spelling quiz.
  • Ticket reservation forms for Abraar Fun Night and Fundraising Dinner were sent home today.
Have a wonderful evening!