Thursday 10 December 2015

Updates and Important Reminders

Assalamu Alaikum

I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather.

Here are some updates:

Reading: On Wednesday Sana M. read us a funny book about monsters called " Monsters Love Underpants". Masha'Allah she did a great job reading the book!

Image result for Monsters Love Underpants"

Yesterday Sr. Madlien read the class a great book that teaches us to be more humble and accept the advice of others! The book is called" King Hugo's Huge Ego". Students also completed a worksheet where they circled the meanings of vocabulary words.
Image result for King Hugo's Huge Ego

Spelling: We completed lesson 13 in our spelling books where students learned words with "L and R" blends.

Vocabulary: Students played " CATEGORIES" where they sorted words in the write categories (nouns, verbs or adjectives), and the first team to finish won!

Grammar/ Writing: Yesterday we reviewed compound sentences, and  then students completed a worksheet where they sorted simple and compound sentences independently.

Today students maintained stamina during WORK ON WRITING, and their task was to write 5 compound sentences.

Math: Students learned about PICTOGRAPHS. They wrote down the purpose of pictographs in their journals, and they each made their own pictograph.

Students worked independently to complete a worksheet on pictographs.

Today we worked in groups to show the different weather we had in April. Each group took a calendar that shows the different weather in April, they worked together to make a tally chart and a pictograph. Then, they answered questions about their pictograph.

Science: Today students worked independently to write 5 special things they learned about amphibians in their science folders. 

Masha'allah Fatima and Ahmed did a great job presenting their projects today. We learned lovely facts about beetles and penguins!

  • Students have a spelling quiz on lesson 13 on Monday. The list words are: grass, trunk, truck, flew, flat, class, plate, from, glove, friend
  • Students should also learn to spell sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth.
  • Students have a math test on BAR GRAPHS and PICTOGRAPHS on Wednesday (12/16/2015).
  • Students will be taking a Math pack tomorrow isA.
  • Work on the animal project (Project requirements and due dates were emailed on Nov 30th)
  • Please sign your child's agenda.

I hope you all have a great evening!