Saturday 17 October 2015

Friday's Classwork

Assalamu Aliakum,

We had a great day yesterday alhamdulilah!

Reading: Students maintained stamina for 14 minutes while reading to self, and  I worked with some students on the DRA (Development Reading Assessment). Our goal for Monday is to maintain stamina for 30 minutes isA. We can do it :)

We also listened to "MR. PEABODY"S APPLES", a story that teaches us that the truth is what matters- not how things appear- and that we must choose our words carefully to avoid hurting others. Then, we discussed the story as a class.

Guided Writing: Students sat on the carpet, and we worked together to write about COOPERATION. We answered the 5Ws + 1 and organized our thoughts to come up with a good writing piece. We underlined the new vocabulary. Then, students went back to their places and copied it in their journals.

Math: We made a growing pattern as a class in an I Chart on the number of wheels on bicycles:

Number of Bicycles
Number of Wheels

Then, each student chose a vehicle and made a growing pattern on his/her whiteboard in an I Chart.

Islamic Studies: Students learned about niyyah (intension), and that everything we do should be with the intension (niyyah) to please Allah (SWT).

  • Students have a spelling quiz on "lesson 5" on Monday in shaa Allah. The list words are: set, head, help, yet, bread, belt, tent, said, bed, sell
  • Homework pack is due on Wednesday.
  • Encourage your child to explore Book Room on Razkids. In shaa Allah I will be giving students assignments on Razkids regularly once I am done with the DRA (Development Reading Assessment) 
I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!