Friday 23 October 2015

Today's Classwork, Homework and Reminders

Assalamu Alaikum,

We had a GREAT day today alhamdulilah!

Today Adman told the class the story of Ashurah and how Allah (SWT) saved Musa and his people.

Reading: Students maintained stamina for 23 minutes while reading to self and completing their noun hunt. I worked with some students on the DRA.

Science: Two groups presented their mind maps about birds in front of the class. Then students worked independently to write 5 special things about birds.

Math: We solved a growing pattern word problem as a class in a T Chat, and we wrote what we used to solve the problem (WIN: words, illustration, numbers). After that students worked independently to complete a worksheet on growing patterns where they completed growing patterns and came up with their own growing patters in T Charts.

Islamic Studies: We finished reading the story of Prophet Adam and we learned the names of Allah (SWT), Al- Ghafar and Al- Ghafoor (The All Forgiving).

Art: Today students used egg shells to make a lovely frame with Allah's name, Al- Awal. Masha'Allah they all did a wonderful job.  Tr. Hina prepared the egg shells for us :)

Clean up Time: The 2As worked together to sort, clean and organize our class. They did a fabulous job working together masha'Allah!

  • Homework pack is due on Wednesday.
  • Monday's spelling quiz will be a revision on lessons 1 to 5. Revise the list words with your child in a fun and engaging way by playing a game where you select three words from each lesson and your child has for example 20 seconds to write them and collect points :)
  • Encourage your child to explore Razkids.
  • Thursday, Oct 29th is Spirit Day (TWINS DAY)..... Read the flyer for more information about Spirit Day: 
  • Today students took home a field trip form which is due on Nov 2nd isA. The trip is on Nov 10th. 
  • Insha'Allah we will be celebrating our classdojo points next week.
I hope you all have a great weekend!